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2008 Guidelines for having a New Testament Church (Part 2)

Only a man physically or spiritually blind could not see what the purpose of Christ was. He made it so clear and again it is made clear in here in Timothy that He came to save us from sin. What was the purpose if you could get to Heaven any other way?


For a church to have a good conscience knowing they are in the will of God, they must keep the Faith of Jesus Christ and don’t question it. However many churches in today’s world question the Faith and the Bible. The critics of the Faith remind me of the greatest Bible critic of all… Satan who’s first recorded words in the Bible was,” Did God really say that?” Sound familiar to you? Sounds just like what many Bible critics say today in churches that claim to be Christian.

TEXT 1 Timothy 2

It is easy for church people to pray for other church people, or should I say, other church people that they like, but that is not what God say’s. We should pray for everyone.

Politics in Church is a dangerous thing and even though we have a right to vote from out Spirit and not our wallets, we have an obligation that no matter who I the president, we should pray for them and support them however we can. The same goes to anyone in authority over you. They will give an account to God to how well of a job they did or did not do. You will answer to God to whether you respected them or not. God finds this behavior good and acceptable. The pastor, husband, president, etc will make, mistakes but the church, wives, and Americans must respect them anyway.


You can argue all you want that are verses in the Bible that give unclear evidence that seems to indicate otherwise, but you cannot deny that God says over and over again that he wants all mankind to be saved and to believe in him. A church must preach that God loves everyone and wants everyone to accept Christ as their Savior. Getting into the discussion of (If God knows everything, then doesn’t he choose who accepts Jesus or not is a stupid argument that does not promote anything positive. Jesus died for all, period.
V. 3-7


There is one God and if we hope to accomplish anything for Him in our churches and in our lives, it must be done through Jesus. Jesus intercedes on our behalf to a Holy God in every way possible. This is why a Church that inches away from the Gospel will be empowered by Satan to keep growing, but not by God.


A church is only as strong as its men. Now you may disagree and of course there are many other factors that make a church strong but think about it. If men of God, are not praying, leading, worshiping, and watching over the church, how successful would it be? Men of God in church need to be men of prayer who will pray anywhere, anytime about anything and are not too proud to raise their hands up to God in prayer and or worship. If the men in the church are fighters, argumentative, prideful and stubborn, the church cannot grow.

Women are powerful figures in society, the home, and church, and God does not tell women how to behave and dress because he does not love or respect them, it is because God knows the power a women can have over a man and over a church. A woman can destroy both. Scientifically, men are more sexually attracted by sight than women. This is the way God made a man; therefore a woman must help out a brother in Christ in how she carries herself. Many women instead find it fun to look alluring in church. Men’s eyes find skin like a dog can find a bone. A woman must keep herself covered and no showing too much leg, shoulders, and anything in between. Not only are these areas reserved for the viewing and touching pleasure of her husband, but it is not respectful to God to do something you know makes a brother week. These verses did not say that a woman cannot do her hair nice or wear jewelry but the context of this verse indicates doing so in a seductive manner. Why is it that you can drive down the street and point out a prostitute immediately? It is easy because how she dresses, does her makeup, her hair, the type of jewelry she wears and the skin she shows. Pride makes us all think we should be able to do what we want but to knowingly do something that will cause a fellow Christian to stumble or fall is a sin on our part.

v. 9-10


God loves his daughters so much that he has given the such power and purpose in the church and the home but only when done correctly. Women have built in instincts and abilities with children and other women that men do not have in the church and home. However with Godly abilities in a woman also comes sinful tendencies. A woman’s sinful tendencies are different from men’s. Men tend to not communicate like they should where women tend to speak too much and too boldly. Now combine this with the fact that women psychologically need security and men psychologically need respect and you have a problem. When a woman speaks to boldly to man, no matter how he responds, on the inside he does not feel respect. Then in return he will do or say something which does not make the woman feel secure, and Satan’s plan works perfectly. A woman who can not submissively respect her Pastor won’t submissively respect her husband and a woman who will not wont submissively respect her husband won’t submissively respect her Pastor.
The most Godly women in the Bible and in history did not speak much or loud, but when they did speak, it was powerful and things happened! Women can best honor God with a submissive and quiet heart than with a mega phone and battering ram. So what can women do in church? Well, everything but to preach or teach men. This means she can teach and preach to children, and other women. So women cannot be Pastors? Keep reading…..Paul says more about it under inspiration from God.
V. 11-13

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