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We are in a society driven by the pursuit of power! Everyone wants more power, and what do people who have great power want?... MORE POWER!
When we have power, we can get what we want, do what we want. say what we want, think what we want. There is no limits! Sounds nice huh?
Well indeed everything I just said has a definite sinful sound to it, but hold on just a second. Is it wrong for Christians to have power?
It depends on where our power comes from and what we do with it. Obviously our power should come from God, but just because Christians may have recieved power from God, does not mean they will use it in a godly way. Sampson is a great example of this truth and also the truth of what happens when you use Gods power in a manner inconsistent with label (God's Word).
Let's look into Power from Psalms 125:

1 Those who trust in the LORDAre like Mount Zion, Which cannot be moved, but abides forever.


Sure mankind has the ability to slowely blast through a mountain with explosives and take the rocks out truckload by truckload but to move an entire mountain in this way is a task that no man will ever even attempt. Even if it were possible to move all the rocks from a mountain, you really did not move the mountain, just destroyed it and laid it's remains in one place. There fore, to move a mountain in it's entirity is impossile for anyone but God because he has the power. A Christian (who trusts Jesus) cannot be moved by any man or anything. I believe this idead of (trusting Jesus) goes further than simply for your Salvation, but also in day to day decisions and tasks. Do you trust Jesus with your life and all that is in it?

2 As the mountains surround Jerusalem,So the LORD surrounds His people From this time forth and forever.


God surrounds us like mountains so that nothing can harm us that he does not allow. This means that nothing bad can happen to you without God's permission. Because of this, we should not be afraid or worry if we trust God, and if we do trust Him, then why dont we act like it?

3 For the scepter of wickedness shall not restOn the land allotted to the righteous, Lest the righteous reach out their hands to iniquity.


Evil cannot ruin our plans, hopes and dreams if we are living in God's will and trusting in Him. If evil were allowed to taint our plans, we might turn to evil in order to get what we think we want or need. You can also revers this verse around that if a Christian reaches out to ungodly methods to get what they want God will not protect the details of your life that you give to Satan.

4 Do good, O LORD, to those who are good,And to those who are upright in their hearts.


This is a pretty simple concept that is echoed throughout scriptures. If you live a godly life, you will have God's favour on your life. God promises that if we find our happiness in Him, He will give us what our hearts desires after changing our desires into Holy things.

5 As for such as turn aside to their crooked ways,The LORD shall lead them away With the workers of iniquity. Peace be upon Israel!

If you turn away from God and turn toward sinful ways, he will let you go. God will not force you to love and serve Him and He will not take away your right to suffer the consequences for your actions.

God has the power, and He is willing to give it to us and use his limitless and mightly power for our benefit! Are we living a life worthy of it?
The Bible says that Christians are to be the light of the world, showing brightly the love of Christ. You can try to turn on a light all you want but unless it is plugged in, nothing will happen. Why wont the light come on and why aren't many Christians recieving the power from God? Hello, you have to plug in to the source of the power! You have to plug a light into the power source before it has a chance to shine. Getttin plugged in to God power begins with accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior but to keep that connection of power strong, you must stay connected to God by prayer and reading God's word!

2 comentários:

  1. Power...very tricky word. it can cause so much impact but so much damage when used the wrong way.


    I loved how you used Psalm 125 to talk about the kinds of power :)! very insightful!

    May God keep using you as this POWERFUL TOOL for His glory :)

    Love u
    Gi :)

  2. Thanks babe, God has given me power through you!

    Love you, mwah!


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